Basic Information Edit

Vital statistics
Type Currently Dead
Level Unknown
Location Farr Mountains
Inhabitants 30+

Adelaide was the capital of Torrencia, a growing and fairly populous nation. Nearly thirty people resided in Adelaide, up until the city's downfall by Gallian forces. It was quite active and prosperous in it's time, and was once known as Venice until it was renamed after leaving the once great nation of Templars.

Adelaide was ruled by the King DraconianWolf (now Exulansis), and appeared to hold a constitutional monarchy. The city had relocated to an unknown and secret location right before the Siege of Venice, but it was not long before Gallia discovered Adelaide and razed it.

Conflicts Edit

Siege of Venice Edit

Adelaide had endured numerous battles; one such is the Siege of Venice. ashtonx777 of Gallia sieged the old city after Aledaide citizens (fortunately) relocated to another biome. It is important to note that a player named "bendggtt12" was responsible for the falling of Adelaide. He was acted as a Gallian spy, and with ranking in Adelaide, successfully gave the coordinates of the homesteads of the new city, resulting in the final invasion of Adelaide. However, some Torrencians decided instead to defend the historical city with their lives. They all fought valiantly against the Gallian army but lost the city to them. After the battle, Adelaide vowed revenge and returned to their hidden location.

Burning of Adelaide Edit

Shortly after Gallia captured Adelaide, Gallian troops began to burn the city. Homes were looted of all valuables and then torched.