Basic Information & Description Edit

Alvarna, Byzantium
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Vital statistics
Type Neutral (Peaceful)
Level 7
Location Bay of Chesapeake
Inhabitants 60+
Alvarna was founded by LeiLeiBallet, previous leader of Chesapeake and Empress of Byzantium. Today, it is part of the merged nations of Corsica-Florence and is the capital of the autonomous nation of Byzantium and is also led by 3Beauty. Although Alvarna was originally located in an isolated plains biome not far from the world border, it was moved to the ocean and gave rise to many modern skyscrapers in early November of 2015. Galaxly, with the support of Beauty and Queen Lei, manages the construction of the city.

History Edit

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After the city of Chesapeake entered it's slow decline, LeiLeiBallet and 3Beauty3 decided to venture out and establish a new city for Byzantium- Alvarna. This city would eventually become the new capital of Byzantium and a beacon of hope for Byzantine citizens that the nation would once more prosper.

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Image of Alvarna's quaint roads and colorful skyscrapers, all of which have their own separate functions from apartments to offices.

Byzantium eventually merged with Florence, forming the kingdom of F-BM, led by Emperor Melorann and both his wife and queen, LeiLeiBallet.

However, as even Florence-Byzantium gradually diminished in power, Galaxly returned from the server and happily offered his services for the city of Alvarna. In days, the new location for the city was found and cleared; in weeks, skyscrapers and roads were laid out and constructed. It is hoped that Alvarna will one day become one of the greatest major cities the server has ever known.

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Alvarna has taken a backwards spiral early on in 2017. It was, for a short while, the capital of the neutral nation of Byzantium, it unfortunately went bankrupt and joint the newly united nation of Corsica-Florence. Alvarna is still a major city of Corsica-Florence, remaining as the capital of Byzantium and one of the wealthiest and most developed cities in the nation, after Vekta and Mavulane. On the 1st of July, Drastian soldiers entered Alvarna and massacred its residents for 'supporting The Roman Empire' which angered Corso-Florentine and Byzantine officials to the point of calling the warring nation out for it, though little came of it.