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This massacre began after a short misunderstanding and minor dispute arose between Alvarna citizens, Askalon forces, and a lone Gallian soldier. Despite the frustration of Alvarna and outside groups, the incident fortunately ended peacefully with a treaty sorted out by Element leader Juxtaposition57.

Causes Edit

The first death in this massacre began with the playful insult toward DeetsMC (dty2001), leader of Askalon and the Kingdom of Avanon, by the extremely sarcastic player Galaxly (HappyHelper1). Dreadmore, a Kingsguard of DeetsMC, had previously warned Galaxly to not use such disrespect toward Deets. Simply to spite Dreadmore, decided to call Deets a "nurd." (To clarify, Galaxly had never thought Dreadmore as serious, for it was clear between many players that Deets and Gala were rather long-time allies). Dreadmore swiftly murdered him nevertheless, and chased him around Alvarna until Gallian player rsmga intervened to protect him.

Massacre Edit

Believing the defense of Gala by rsmga as an attack against Askalon, Deets and Askalon soldier Phurry quickly came to Dreadmore's aid. Since Alvarna citizens saw rsmga as a protector, 3Beauty3 attempted to stop the sudden aggression towards rsmga, but was killed by Dreadmore. LeiLeiBallet was enraged, as was the rest of the city and many of those on the server at the time. Deets made an attempt to calm the city, but the return of rsmga brought about an unexpected frenzy.

As Deets was left to fight rsmga, the two Askalon soldiers took it upon themselves to begin murdering Alvarna citizens- such as Lei, Beauty, and AppleGeek01. Regardless of the pleas for peace, the deaths continued. This horrendous act infuriated many players as well, who began to blast Deets for allowing this to happen. However, DeetsMC was preoccupied with the constant attacks by rsmga, which prevented any action to be taken to stop the massacre.

Results Edit

The massacre finally ended with DeetsMC demanding Phurry & Dreadmore to stop. Element leader Juxtaposition57 drew up a quick treaty for both Alvarna and Askalon to help prevent future hostilities.

Askalon-Alvarna relations have returned to normal.

Today, use of the word "nurd" continues to be taboo.