Information and Description Edit

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Vital statistics
Position Mayor of Fortuna
Age 15
Status Married/Divorced?!
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

AppleGeek01 is an unusual, abnormal, and at certain times psychotic girl who owns the Government town of Fortuna. She tends to delve herself into short-lived relationships with numerous other men: specifically coolsurdy, the President of Government. She is know by many as a "GoldDigger" and by others as a "whore." Although she does admit to being one, she actually enjoys it. Wow...

"AppleGeek01 is an amazing companion! She is great person to hang out with when your bored. She loves puppies, burning homes, and people dying. She is such a postive girl. <3 She is also a whore and a gold digger. Peace to the haters. <3 HappyHelper1 is her slave/brother and is pretty irrelevant. AppleGeek01 is called Apple or sometimes Apples from her close friends. Even though she has no friends. :)" - AppleGeek01