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Vital statistics
Position President of Gallia
Age 17
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Information and Description Edit

Ashtonx777, President of Gallia and mayor of Bruhl - the most active and one of the largest nations on the server as of now, joined the server in early January of 2015. A smart, tactful, and sincere individual, ashtonx777 has lead his nation and people to a glorious age of both power and prosperity.

Ashton first formed the town of Dragonborn, and the nation Assassins. However, when the old nation of The_Templars saw them as a possible threat to their reign of power, they sought out and threw down the town ashton worked so hard to build up.

Afterward, ashton lead his men into a quiet time of peace.

That did not last long, however, and after the Templars fell ashton decided, with his men, to take revenge for the destruction of their previous town. So, he brought about the Siege of Venice and Burning of Adelaide - as well as the attempt to conquer Almore.

Today Edit

In recent news, ashton decided to take up the role of one of the chairmen to overlook the Neutral Shop Act proposed by reelgator. As well as ushering in a age of short peace for Gallia.