Basic Information Edit

2015-02-02 21.23.41
Vital statistics
Position Mayor of Vekta City
Age 15
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


-BANANApeel65 upon logging in

BANANApeel65 is one of the longest active players of the server. He is also currently the ongoing leader of Vekta and Vekta_City for more than a year. Throughout his time on the server, BANANApeel65 was able to steer Vekta clear of many conflicts and even managed to save Vekta from attack from Runa by holding peaceful negotiations.

Because of his cool personality and neutral standpoint, BANANApeel65 is widely known on the server as a kind and understanding player. However, as the the people of Vekta began to go inactive, BANANA soon began to act more hostile towards some players on the server often seeking to cause damage. But behind these hostilities, BANANA is often troubled with his moral values and is constantly insecure about what the future will hold for the nation of Vekta.

Relationships Edit

Coolsurdy- BANANApeel65 and coolsurdy have a very strong friendship which reflects greatly on G and Vekta foreign relations (despite the two talking shit about each others cities every now and then).

leobiba- BANANApeel65 and leobiba have a very complex relationship with each other. In-game, leo's town, Wolfs is very close to VC and form the VC-Wolfs Metropolitan Area. Another unique feature between both cities is the VC-Wolfs Highway which links the two cities and shows the bond between VC and Wolfs. However, in reality the ethnic groups from which both players have come from have bitter feeling towards each other each other due to the conflicts that raged in Yugoslavia during the 1990s. BANANApeel65, a Serb and leo, an Albanian-Kosovar continue to have different standpoints on the current dispute reguarding Kosovo's 2008 declaration of independence from Serbia. Despite this, BANANA pushes the issue aside and rarely talks about them.

Atomosie- As far as BANANApeel65 can remember, Atomosie was BANANA's 2nd hand man when it came to starting up towns. Unfortunately, Atomosie was a nomad and often left BANANA's town. on the summer of 2014, Atomosie returned to Vekta_City but left to create the town of Vekta Suppplies Co. Atomosie eventually left the server, but joined again to eventually... Leave again. There are rumors that he has been busy creating his own server.

dty2001 (DeetsMC)- dty is BANANA's greatest ally and right hand man. Both players led the nation of RU on behalf of RussianFlames and led RU to victory during the Illuzional Wars when defeat seemed certain.

superpaki- superpaki is BANANApeel65's cousin. Superpaki is somewhat average when it came to Minecraft but he is determined to win wars and is willing to do anything necessary to make progress using the knowledge he has built up on the server.

HappyHelper1 (Galaxly)- Galaxly is another very close ally of Banana who had helped establish Vekta as a world power during early summer of 2014. He had built and renovated a number of creations in Vekta as well, such as Leadric. Eventually inheriting the title of President of Vekta. It was eventually handed down to CalasaurusRex of Florence.