The Bandit Wars began two weeks after Alettic was defeated by Government and Allied forces. The wars began when the people of Chesapeake mocked both s0ux and kitten. Shortly after this event, wolfhound24 joined in after receiving payment to attack Chesapeake. Many players came to the aid of Chesapeake, but for every death of a bandit, several allied members died. This was in large part due to the lack of proper military equipment on Chesapeake's part. During this time however, wolfhound24 was banned. Whilst wolfhound24 was banned, the bandits began attacking the nation of Rome made by Addison. The campaign was slow, and little damages were done. However, the bandits succeeded in destroying Piranha's vault. Eventually, wolfhound24 was pardoned, and he took control of the bandit offensive, and finalized the destruction of Rome. Though the bandits had won a great victory, it was the end of their successful campaign. Soon, their vault was raided, leading many of their ranks to quit the server. After this, only wolfhound24 remained, reforming the bandits into the Covenant_Empire. This empire endured through many more wars before finally being destroyed at the hands of Thilwhor.

Assault of Anarchists Edit


The ruins of Anarchists after the assault.

In mid-September of 2015, Viyzen led an attack on the bandit stronghold of Anarchists, the capital of Enlightened. A primitive TNT cannon was constructed which succeeded in tearing down the walls of the town's stone castle. 3Beauty3, AppleGeek01, Betweentwolungs and Schnitzengruber aided in the assault. Before the walls were tore down, s0ux and kitten protected the fort, until Schnitzengruber managed to get into the fort via an ender pearl and teleported the allies up to join him. Shortly following this, the bandits there were flushed out and killed. Anarchists was captured and the loot was taken by the allied forces.

The Reconstruction Edit

With the destruction of Covenant_Empire by Thilwohr, Mandalore became the new seat of power for the bandits. From here, the bandits began a fierce new campaign to raid several grinders and a modest storage vault, revealing Thilwohr's lack of preperation for dealing with guerrilla warfare. Piranha, leader of Thilwohr, eventually quit due to outside stress. The war came to an end shortly afterwards.

However, a new war began with the Galactic_Republic invading a lone homeblock owned by Mandalore. It is unknown how this will end, but even with the Republic garnering much support, it remains to be seen.