Battle of Liberty 7/02/2016

The battle of liberty was a battle what occured on 7/02/16 the main reason of the start of the battle is unknown.

Another normal day in liberty was interupted by attacking forces since the town's defense wasnt ready yet the enemy broke thru the defenses. The citizens were unprepared and where overwhelmed by the enemy.

The mayor Diet18 decided to defend the town with all force. there were only 4 members of the town online

eventually some of the residents got killed and rage quitted however the mayor and christophe2001 kept fighting a devestating battle between dogs4war and Diet18 happend. dogs4war overwhelmed the mayor with God apples the unfortunate was the mayor only had 1 god apple.

Eventually the mayor got killed. The main part of the town gets taken over however a small outpost/watchtower is not claimed yet. The mayor and christophe2001 keep fighting against dogs4war.

dogs4war called in reinforcements there then were countless players in diamond armor against 2 players with no armor. dogs4war and Applegeek kept placing flags but Diet18 and christophe2001 managed to destroy the flags multiple times. at last the overwhelming force takes over the outpost and all hope is lost.

the residents had no way of getting back in the town, the town was completely taken over.

Battle ended; Liberty has lost the battle.