Battle of The Alliance (TAC) Edit

582jackson, mayor the rather short-lived town of The_Alliance, or TAC, returned after having falling a brief state of inactivity with the fall of Templars- this time with the return of Gaffy00. Unfortunately, his timing could not be any worse, as it was after the Seige of Venice did TAC also become victim to the war. Ashtonx777, leader of Gallia, brought with him a small portion of his army to the city of The_Alliance, which they say they had "discovered a very long time ago." Jackson, with only two other men by his side, met them in battle at the island city.

Night Edit

The boats of Gallia are silent as they approach the walled island of TAC. As soon as they reached the border of the island, they quickly flagged without notice. Jackson, surprised at the audacity of this threat that he did not experience before, brought himself outside of the confines of the island walls and fought them off. And when it seemed that the soldiers of Gallia would fail; more logged on and rallied after taking the wall. Jackson was slain (after logging in the midst of combat) and so with his allies.

Day 1 Edit

The sun rose, and as the small city slowly fell to Gallia the defenders walled themselves up inside a small underground bunker. Ashton of Gallia jumped inside and massacred the rest of the defenders himself, and when the bunker was taken so was the city. The_Alliance instantly fell into ruins, and 582jackson re-joined Rouge_Island of the NCR. Gaffy, who had led the nation, never did log on for the battle, though he would return soon enough to war against them in the War of Gallia.