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Razing of Adelaide
2015-01-22 22.29.29
Vital statistics
Type Burning
Level Unknown
Location Adelaide
Inhabitants Gallia vs. Adelaide + Allies

Adelaide, a great and large, active city that lived up to being; simply great. The city was relocated to a large island, one made up of completely mountains, luckily right before the Siege of Venice.

Unfortunately, they did not escape the wrath and revenge Gallia still carried with them. After numerous taunts from others Adelaide members, Gallia discovered the new Adelaide (through information through a traitor Adelaide member) and set up an outpost right on the border . And they waited for the right to attack.

2015-01-22 22.14.36

Gallian soldier taking a pose outside of Adelaide.

That is when LeiLeiBallet, Princess of Adelaide, joined, and after an attempt to regain the old city of Venice - Galla began their final invasion. Immediately, Gallia placed the first warflag on their outpost.

2015-01-22 22.19.54

Gallian troops pushing defenders of Adelaide back.

Lei quickly spotted them, and with the leader of LoneHill and HappyHelper1 (who took no side, but simply fired at them for "training") started to fire as much as they could at the approaching army of three (ashtonx777, Echoes1990, and DaTrueAzn). However, they still approached at a rapid rate.

They would not get into the city so easily, though, and even though Adelaide's arrows ran thin they continued firing, shooting some off the mountain as Gallia climbed up toward the prize. Of course, they breached the city, and battle turned to massacre as Gallia killed those defending Adelaide. And as night fell, so did the city.

To bring much havoc and fear into the hearts, Gallia began to burn the city. And looted all they could...