Basic Information & Description Edit

Vital statistics
Type Neutral // Trade
Level 6
Location Classified
Inhabitants 15-18

Carthya was a minor nation formed by yours truly, ZeR0Legend. After spending a brief amount of time it was decided rather than reviving Trade-Federation for a second time that instead a different nation should be made. Henceforward he established the nation of Carthya on May 26th, 2015, attempting to avoid any future conflict for months. In addition, Carthya had opened it's arms for new members, trade, and fair diplomacy. It was hoped that the new-found kingdom would last longer than any previous nation that ZeR0Legend reigned over, but it was not to be so.

Government Edit

The government of Carthya was officially an autocracy in which the Netaji, in this case ZeR0Legend, held absolute power over all decisions made but the Netaji can appoint others to be his advisers to aid him/her in decision making. Unofficially the Netaji was controlled by secret space monkeys who influence his every decision by throwing bananas at him. That was a joke by the way. Funny.

Towns Edit

Drylliad: 15-17 Population Edit

Nokiism Missionaries: 1 Population

Both were in ruins by the time 2016 had arrived.

Economy Edit

The Economy of Carthya was a lot like the economy of other nations at the time. That is: "poor as shit because cool removed mobcash and made voting not even worth it. Thanks Obama."

Military Edit

The Carthyian Military consisted of everyone in the nation who was able to pick up a sword and not cut themselves on it as soon as they did so. Due to the fact that the majority of citizens were either inactive or reeked like utter shit in battling other players, Carthya strived to avoid conflict through various means. <3

  • The nation was eventually renamed, disbanded, etc.