Basic Information & Description Edit

Daedrys was a nation consisting of the metropolis Azura and the small town of Peryite. Both cities were laid out within days and in close proximity, both abiding by a medieval theme of architecture. The capital, Azura, reached a surprising high number of active citizens during its time, though due to its extreme silence, several nations feared it would suddenly emerge as a world power and bring devestating war to the server. However, the nation later fell into inactivity and into ruin, with Florence claiming it as its own.

Further Details Edit

With Florence claiming Daedrys, an investigation immediately began as to what both Azura and Peryite held deep in their storage- and to their surprise, minor valuables were found throughout the larger Azura, aside from building supplies. Nevertheless, outlines of renovations to improve and finish the cities have been made, due to its fascinating builds (both underground and overground).