Dawnstar Edit

Dawnstar was a town created during november 2014. DeetsMc(dty) was the great leader of Dawnstar.

Dawnstar had many outposts and neigboorhoods. The main players of Dawnstar were: Deetsmc,Soldierboy,Diet18,love2skifast,kingehenri(King_music) and some other players. Unfortunatly Dawnstar was overrun by Gaffy00's Militia and many neigboorhoods were taken over Including the neigboorhood where Soldierboy and Diet18 lived. Later the residents came back and retook the neigboorhood and drove Gaffy00's Militia away.

Later DraconianWolf's troops attacked the town and destroyed many houses People began to leave Dawnstar and then Dawnstar was completely ruined.

A while later DeetsMc restarted Dawnstar hoping that it would be another great succes but unfortunatly it wasn't. This was the end of Dawnstar.

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