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Edessa, Delucia
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Vital statistics
Type Neutral
Level Unknown
Location Plains of Delucia
Inhabitants 5+

Although small, Delucia is a sprawling and charming nation ruled by Glitchy_Ninja. The capital of the nation is the city of Edessa. Edessa, likewise Almore, has endured and witnessed conflicts over the weeks and months since it's beginning. Especially, after the invasion of Old Edessa brought forth by the renewed Trade-Federation over conflicts of the land and resources.

Edessa moved to a more secure location, and today still stands.

Government Edit

Delucia is a federal republic: each town is represented by 1-2 representatives (Reps) who state and argue for or against ideas at national meetings. Such meetings are held at the "Round Table," which is also used to occasionally discuss issues such as laws, treaties, and other topics. The leader who rules over the domain of Delucia is known as Glitchy_Ninja

Legislative Branch Edit

The legislative branch is the law making branch of government made up of the Round Table agency. Unlike the US the process of a bill becoming a law is much simpler. A member of the Round Table will propose their bill (idea for law) in the meeting and the chairman (multiple) will vote on each bill whether it will be approved or not. After being approved by the chairmen the bill will be proposed to the King (Glitchy_Ninja) and he will choose to sign the bill or not. If the King chooses not to sign the bill it will be sent back, being called a veto. After the veto, the chairmen can take another vote, if more than 2/3 of them approve, the bill becomes a law.

Summary : The legislative branch can write and pass laws, declare war, override king vetoes, and control federal taxation and spending.

Executive Branch Edit

The executive branch carries out laws and makes laws official. This includes making sure they are followed, and it moves on to the judical branch when laws are not followed.

Judical Branch Edit

The judical branch controls what to arrange when a law is not followed. For example, if a player gives out information or attacks a guard, they will be sent to court to negotiate whether who will be punished and what that punishment will be.

More info soon.

Laws Edit

Each * tells how much the law is enforced out of 5.

  • Do not distract military personnel while on duty. (this includes harming them, unnecessary chats, etc) **
  • Assaulting any town member or ally ****
  • Robbery on anyone's land ***
  • Scamming town members or allies ***
  • Bribing any town member or ally **
  • Griefing anywhere in the town or 100 blocks from the town border ***
  • Going bankrupt (not being able to pay taxes) **
  • Trespassing in any closed area in town ***
  • Having your animals roaming streets out of your own land *
  • Littering (dropping trash in public areas) *
  • Telling misleading information (lying) **

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Conflicts Edit

Delucia had been accused of being too close to the city of Sanctuary by Zer0Legend. Therefore, a large conflict formed. They forced us to leave our original area and we left to start anew.

Military Edit

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