DemonicV4 is the fourth reincarnation of the original Demonic run by Moosebobby. It is a heavily geared, highly war-like town. DemonicV4 is the former Capital of the former Moose Empire, and it is currently a city in Mangos.

History of Demonic Edit

The original town of Demonic was established by Moosebobby sometime in January of 2016. It was a small peaceful town at first until Moose attacked XsphinX resulting in server wide outrage. In retaliation Compleks of Lil' Korea and TacoMan_100 of TacoWorld rushed to the Demonic capital and flagged it. Soon after they attack a grinder and the location of the next town. Therefore all of Moose's members (mainly Leo and Lea and BadLuckPanther) left him and joined the enemy town of Atlantis. Soon after more flagging commenced and Moose disbanded the town.

History of DemonicV2 Edit

The second town of DemonicV2 was a town in which only Moose was part of. This was due to the betrayal of his members in the original Demonic. This was located in a mountain fortress which was taken by Gallia in the second Gallian War. The second base of DemonicV2 was Moose's "unraidable" base. This base was exploited and nether portaled into and raided by Argos in the Second War of the Clans. Thereby ending DemonicV2.

History of DemonicV3 Edit

DemonicV3 was the shortest lived town in the Demonic townships. It was located on a mountain and was destroyed and tnted by enemies in the War of Revenge.

Present Day DemonicV4 Edit

DemonicV4 is the current town of Moose and is mainly run by him, NoProfit, and Unreal. It has a small desert base that everyone knows the coords to. (Thanks Marq)

DemonicV4 is part of ARA, a group of nations lead by Arkstal. He is a key player in Arkstal's plans are (even though he messes them up a lot) and normally does the dirty work they want done.