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Vital statistics
Type Neutral / Defensive
Level Unknown
Location Flats of Alagaesia
Inhabitants 45+

Information and Description Edit

Dras-Leona is the capital and largest city within the realm of Alagaesia; an ancient nation that continues to prevail and stand today. Dras-Leona is mainly composed of great and extraordinary fortresses, towers, and expansive walls that stretch across a large forest peninsula. The defenses set around Dras-Leona has also gained prominence, as well as the thick walls of obsidian that help to halt any advance of those with TNT cannons.

Although most - if not all - players and members of Dras-Leona are inactive, aside from the ruler of the metropolis and nation: Paton062, who after going inactive himself for a while returned with a new sense of determination and confidence. Even as you read this he may be continuing to build up on Dras-Leona's famous defenses.

History and Other Information Edit

Alagaesia was first established by ZeR0Legend; and soon enough the nation grew in population and strength. They continued to grow until the sudden and quick attack upon the fortified city of Dras-Leona by the warmonger nation of Runa. This first attack began the Runa War and ended with Alagaesia; with it's mainly Government ally, to prevail. Afterward, activity of the wondrous city diminished and dwindled to one.

Although the paragraph above was merely a quick and compact summary of Dras-Leona, there are far greater details and a far more immersive history that should be added respectively by the leaders of Alagaesia themselves; and for the future.