Basic Description Edit

The Eyes of Ender are a secret organization that was founded in early 2015, and to the general server's knowledge, still operates today. They supposedly plot the downfall of major nations, and poke around for weak spots. Their only known base was Fort Sting (Outpost), which was raided. Among the loot was the book Violetus(?), which was posted on this very page but was taken down by an unknown user. Two other books has been found to date.

Griefing of Xythe

While Schnitzengruber wasn't active on the server, Xythe was griefed. Multiple houses and the library took what appears to be TNT damage, and farm animals were scattered around, though not too much loot was taken from the town. However, the library found a few of its book collections missing, including the Eye of Ender books. This included the old, 2015-era code book (obtained and signed by Death2Defy), and the Cyanius and Chrysolentius (both spelled wrong, and obtained by Schnitzengruber in a discovered vault). On the front of the library was an eye an eye of ender in an item frame, and 3 black flags replacing the normal Xythe flags. It could be a bandit framing the EoE, but nothing is for sure.


The only known member of the organization is Schnitzengruber (formerly vetterman), as he was the author of the Violetus. It is predicted that the cult has more members though, as the book called upon the rest of the Eyes of Ender to "act."