Settlement of Fleur Edit

Vicerapolis Exodus - Edit

After Vicerapolis fell to the hands of the nation of Montro, many of those still active mourned for the fall of their city. With their homes and many of their belongings taken from them, they had nowhere to go. For a period of time, several Vicerian citizens wandered the globe as nomads. While xDraconian began his journey to the magnificent city-state of Volksin/Nightfort. After a day, xDraconian decided to settle Fleur Du Diable, which quickly took in a Vicerian; who went by the name of cooliomoose. After a few days from its foundation, other Vicerian citizens soon returned, making it the Exodus settlement for the lost of Viceria.

Location - Edit

The location that xDraconian chose for the settlement of Fleur contained a vast plains that bordered a forest and scenic ocean. There were also abstract mountain ranges to the south, which proved to add to the beautiful landscape of Fleur du Diablian. It also resides next to a Rogue Island base, which xDraconian did not know of before its foundation.

Growth Edit

Architecture Edit

The architecture of Fleur did not have a specific, established style; as the mayor of the town spent much of his time working on what would become Fleur's beautiful transportation system. However, it is evident that the town looked to rely upon stone-like items as its main building material. Some buildings had been completed by players, which invoke the right to their own style.

People Edit

After the foundation of Fleur Du Diable, it quickly garnered a population of 9 people and grew up until it's ruin after the mayor abandoned the city. The people of Fleur were very easygoing and laid back to whoever may have approached them. They should not be taken lightly though, for their blades are being forged in the hellfires of the Devil's throat.

Foreign Relations Edit

Volksin - Edit

Volksin was previously Fleur's host nation, although Fleur has remained mainly independent from their affairs. A hopeful xDraconian desired to make his own nation, until Fleur's eventual decline. Volksin contained the towns of Nightfort and Fleur Du Diable. Volksin was once very isolated from foreign affairs and shied away from international attention, despite it's strong economy and large population.

Diablo - Edit

Diablo had been a pest along the Fleur Du Diable border and often went on to spot warflag- planting a flag deep inside the nearby mountain ranges to throw Fleurian soldiers off, and going to their homeblock. The attacks had garnered attention from the international community, but Fleur had refused help in this issue, as some were still touchy from the fall of Viceria and the lack of help from the international community during it's time of dire need.