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Fort Sting was built as an outpost for the past nation of Delucia. It served as a main base for the Eyes of Ender, until it was raided in the autumn of 2015 by goalie30monkey and Erunno, but the underground base exploded and burned the contents at the setting off of a trapped chest. The only thing recovered from it was the Violetius.

Building Edit

The fort was built entirely by vetterman on January third, 2015. It originally served as a shelter from the mobs, but its ideal location sought for a larger establishment. It sits along two rivers, a dark forest biome, a birch forest biome, and a mountain biome.

Structure Edit

The fort is composed of the walls and the inner building. The walls very from 2-5 blocks thick and in some places are holding water within them. The inner building serves as a watchtower. You can get up the tower by the ladder in the central building.

Eyes of Ender Base Edit

In a mine under Fort Sting, a hideout was made for the Eyes of Ender, the hideout was believed to be used from February to September of 2015. The town of Stygian-Coast was founded nearby, and because of its small size, is assumed to have been used as easy access to the base.