Basic Information & Description Edit

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Great spawn pyramid of Geneva.

Franco-Belgium(Cahokia) is a small nation that was first conceived in the days after XSphinxHDX's (Ryse_Sphinx) subsequent exile from Florence (Florence-Byzantium) due to renewed charges by opposition to have his town exiled from the nation, and its homeland taken. Throughout it's history it has faced threats of attack, and was only ever taken once for a short time.

Government Type Edit

Franco-Belgium is a Merchant Republic that is lead by the Doge XSphinxHDX and 9 patriarchs(Currently 1.) The patriarchs act as the cabinet of the Doge and may attempt to pass legislation, and declarations of war.

Diplomatic Crisis' Edit

Through Franco-Belgium's history it has been involved in many diplomatic crisis, even before its declaration of nationhood. Such as;

The APC(Valence) border crisis in which a brief border dispute was solved after tension was running high leaving a sense of distrust between the citizens of the town of Sphinxdom (Geneva), against APC assistant Vizyen.

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Several homes bordering the great pyramid.

The Bandit Support Act which accused Sphinxdom's Leader, XSphinxHDX(Ryse_Sphinx) of aiding bandits in attacking harmless towns.

The Assassination of Leader XSphinxHDX by PacBozYT, which lead to Sphinxdom looking for blood. This was eventually resolved after PacBoz's trial.

Building Theme Edit

Franco-Belgium currently has no specific building theme, but public works are Influenced by European architecture. The capital building of the Nation of Franco-Belgium is currently the former town of "Fort Knox."

Towns Edit

Geneva, FR-B
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Vital statistics
Type Typical
Level 7
Location Plains of Sphinx
Inhabitants 20+

Franco-Belgium currently has three towns, Geneva, which is the capital of the nation, Knights tall's town that he integrated into Franco-Belgium after disbanding ITC, and Swagville.

Allies Edit

Currently FR-B's allies consist of the Nation of Forge, the Nation of Canada, the Nation of Trade-Federation, the Nation of Southern_Army, and the Nation of Northern Army.

Non state allies also include Fernux.

Enemies Edit

Currently FR-B only has one enemy Covanant_Empire.

Current Events Edit

Currently the Nation of Franco-Belgium is involved in a bloody feud with the nation of Covanant_Empire, but attempts to maintain peace within its sphere of influence. Franco-Belgium prefers diplomacy to armed conflict, and does not have a substantial army.