Basic Information & Description Edit

The Galactic_Republic was a prosperous nation led by Chancellor XSphinxHDX, with Coruscant as its capital. The republic included a number of other large cities, such as Takodona (led by Senator Exulansis) and Kamino (Senator unstimulating). It was relatively peaceful, up until it was thrown into a war against the Rebel Alliance, with a number of attacks were made against its cities.

The Republic eventually made peace, but it soon came at a cost: its previous allies turned on them and forced the nation to disband. With the fall of this nation led to the rise of many.

History Edit

The Galactic_Republic was first formed as a small nation with only Coruscant, until eventually the nation of Marelle, merged into it bringing new strength, resources, and powers to the newly formed Galactic Senate. The Galactic_Republic prospered bringing many news towns and nations into it, until the Great War broke out between the rebel alliance and the GR. Eventually however, Exulansis made a treaty, and kicked NightFall from the nation, this eventually brought peace to the nation, until a disgruntled group of former GR citizens, aided by cutepuppies, attacked and crippled the nations capital, leaving Chancellor XSphinxHDX to disband the mighty nation, making way for many new nations to rise.

Culture Edit

The GR placed much pride in its Galactic Senate, a place of democracy and diverse political ideals. Although the citizens didn't always agree with each other they lived under a common identity as members of the mighty GAR(Grand Army of The Republic) eventually due to outside interference the nation was crippled, though a select few remissness on the days of the mighty Galactic Republic, and await the day the sun rises once again on the former citizens of the Republic.