Gearsby is a small town in the K.P.R.K. It was established by TheMarquilandia1.

History Edit

Early History Edit

There have been three towns under the name "Gearsby", all of which had been established by TheMarquilandia1. The very first town had been established in June 21st, 2016 (or 20th, the date has been lost), and it was successful but was invaded several times by Moosebobby and other people in his nation. This would ultimately lead to the collapse of the first Gearsby. The second town was faster in the start but due to the rocky terrain it was unable to expand much farther. The town would host a battle between Gearsban, and Argan troops as well as Delute versus Moosebobby and NoProfit of DemonicV2. The Gearsbans were winning and when the battle seemed over with a Gearsban victory all the forces left the city, and then NoProfit invaded again. :I

Modern History Edit

Gearsby was re-established on June 30th, 2016 and shortly after it's creation the Moose Empire demanded that Gearsby joined Moose Empire. TheMarquilandia1 had wanted to get revenge on Moose because of the invasions and he wanted to destroy Moose's Empire. Because joining them would make it easier to share coords and information, the mayor agreed. Moose tried to trap TheMarquilandia1 but it failed. After Moosebobby found out that TheMarquilandia1 had been exposing information to his enemies, Moose proceeded to kick him from the empire and destroyed the third reincarnation of Gearsby.

Gearsby was re-established and joined the K.P.R.K, and was then attacked and occupied by the Fourth Reich in which the Reich and it's troops fended of multiple counter attacks with small success before losing interest in the city and withdrawing their troops. Gearsby's mayor went to reclaim areas and then the Reich came back with leather or no armor mostly. Arkstal forces, Gearsban forces, and others attacked the troops of the reich and Gearsby was recovered, but not before the reich looted the city. Gearsby was raided again the next day, and Gearsby became a slave city of the Fourth Reich. Alignia was reestablished the next day, and relations with Moose became good.

Today Gearsby is a slave city of the Fourth Reich and its future seems uncertain.