Basic Information & Description Edit

Berlin, GE
Vital statistics
Type 7
Level Peaceful
Location Desert of Berlin
Inhabitants 30+
The German-Empire was founded by Vitofurio, an ambitious yet attentive leader, as well as mayor of Berlin. Although not considered an empire on international standards, it is relatively peaceful and hopes to one day grow as one of the largest nations. It consists of a simple government with Vitofurio as Chancellor, but also consists of a number of advisers (both inside and outside the nation). It has participated in no conflict so far.

History Edit

The German-Empire was created after Berlin withdrew from the Galactic_Republic, as he had planned to create his own nation after some time in Florence. However, threats of invasion from the Republic forced Vitofurio to become a protectorate of the Sith Empire. He has thus decided to avoid any outside conflict.