Gondolin - White City
Vital statistics
Type Dead
Level Officially Dead - was once 6
Location Valley of Eriador
Inhabitants 9+

Description Edit

Gondolin (originally Eriador) was a small city made up of completely quartz and stone, making it also known as the "White City." It had endured numerous but modest invasions, but the city eventually it fell into inactivity and ruin. Soon enough, the once beautiful white city was stripped of it's quartz & it's fame.

The dead city is no longer exists today, as it's shrinking bank was finally emptied in spring. All inhabitants went dark long before the city fell and vanished into oblivion with other cities like it as well.

King HappyHelper1 originally led the city in it's glory days, until Lord bearcraft1996 was appointed as the new ruler, but he too fell into darkness.

History Edit

Gondolin unofficially began with the discovery of the Valley of Eriador; by the wandering HappyHelper1 when he first joined in May of 2014- whom after admiring the perfect landscape commenced construction of an underground city. After several months, he abandoned the valley and the server. However, with Happy's return in January of 2015, he reestablished the city as what he hoped to be a "new Leadric." The city first started out in the once united and powerful nation of Templars, but left for the sprawling, maritime nation of Oasis. Templars soon divided amongst itself and Happy rejoined to support the "true" King; Jacop34.

After a short time with King jacop34 and after applying Gondolin for the developing League of Nations, Happy rejoined Oasis and left the town in the hands of bearcraft1996, an active and fitting mayor. The peace was not long, however, as the player JLForristal breached into the walls of Gondolin. After slaying one of the members, Happy returned and slew the murderer and drove him away from the city. However, thinking the battle was over, Happy departed. When he did, Forristal commenced an invasion of Gondolin against soldiers he considered far weaker than himself. Be that as it may, these courageous men (BmanOg, clr0506, and another), fought bravely again Forristal and in the end were victorious.

JLForristal finally lay there, defeated. However, the great White City and Valley of Eriador was abandoned to avoid future conflict. The city was then relocated to an unknown desert colony lead by bearcraft1996. (This colony was later deserted with the fall of Gondolin, and coincidentally became the new home of Betweentwolungs; who is now mayor of Falkner

In most unfortunate news, all of Gondolin has gone inactive and officially no longer exists.

Outposts Edit

Previously, Gondolin controlled numerous outposts (respectively, 10), some of which include unknown and somewhat classified fortresses, small-time mines in the nether, and stationary embassy and trading posts throughout the realm of Civilization Wars. Some outposts were manned and ruled by those who live inside the city, like nobles or lords to balance the power between all citizens.

2015-01-14 11.52.25

Small mining center; one of many places Gondolin gathers it's quartz.

2015-01-08 15.51.45

Gondolin's Embassy in the domain of Manabozho - which is now Welch, Florence. (You can still see some of it today!)