The Nation of Government (G) is a federal republic. The capital of the nation is the United-Jungles. Currently, G has five towns; United-Jungles, Wolfs, Atlas, Mecca City, and Donzula. G is known widely as a prosperous wealthy nation with a strong economy, defense, and stable setup. G is considered a global superpower.


G is a federal republic. Each town is represented by one representative, usually the town mayor, or if unable, assistant. National meeting are held in G Towers occasionally to discuss issues such as laws, war, and other topics. The leader of G is President Coolsurdy. The Capitol building is G Towers.


G is a prosperous nation, as classified by the nation's list. The population is just over 100 , making it the most populated nation. The most populated towns of G, from most populated to least, are as follows


Pop. 78


Pop. 36

Mozartia Edit

Pop 8.


G has the largest GDP (biweekly) out of all the nations. The GDP is estimated to be ~$15,000. G has a capatalist ideology, as citizens can make money from a business. National taxes in G are $10 daily.


G is considered to a global superpower. A highly trained, well equipped armed forces, weapons stockpiles, defense infrastructure, intelligence, as well as strategy are many factors for it's defense rating. 

Foreign PolicyEdit

G mantains a neutral standpoint and has not interfered in most global wars. G respects the national sovereignty of other nations.

Main Conflicts Edit

War of Companions

War of BaconNation

War of Runa

War of Valhalla

News Edit

On November 11, 2014, Vekta City formally seceded from G to form the new Vektan republic.

On December 20, 2014, DukePile left EnclaveV.2 to form Skyfall

On January 2, 2015, Skyfall collapsed

Late January, 2015, HappyHelper and ZeR0Legend establish towns within G

Feb 2015, HappyHelper and ZeR0Legend leave G