Ico (Nation) Edit

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Created in early June 2015 out of the ashes of Roma, Ico is a nation dedicated to neutrality, peace, and excessively large stone brick mega-builds. Ico traces its roots back to late May 2015, when shortly after joining the server, l337Ninja was invited to join the nation of Roma by talltitanicc.

When war came to Roma later that month, instead of dissolving the nation itself, talltitanicc withdrew himself and his town into exile, leaving l337Ninja as the sole owner of the nation of Roma, now renamed Ico. Despite numerous close calls and several independent attacks on the nation, Ico remains a proud, towering beacon of peace and neutrality in a chaotic world.

Politics: Edit

Ico remains a neutral nation with embassies in multiple friendly towns and nations, as well as vast economic ties and railways currently under construction.

Notable Residents: Edit

l337Ninja: Founder and sole architect of the Ico capital Basaran, as well as founder of the nation itself. Edit

Towns Edit

Basaran (Capital): Edit

The capitol city and grand jewel of Ico, this city stands centered around the sky-scraping Tower of Basaran, surrounded by the Diplomatic Sector, the Agricultural Sector, as well as the Greater Basaran region. Notable sites include the Tower of Basaran, the Basaran Library, the Torii Garden Portal, the Eastern Wall, and the IAS Jupiter.

PortTown: Edit

A relatively new town in the nation, PortTown consists of a rugged mountain fort, serving as the western-most line of defense for Ico.

Steelheart: Edit

An inactive town, the first to join into the Ico nation following its establishment.

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