The IIlluzionist Militia, aka the Illuzionist Regime, or Illuzionist's Army, was a group of soldiers serving under the command of Iiluzionist. They have been within numerous nations and centralized in multiple towns headed by Illuzionist that have been destroyed, invaded, or conquered, however they are known for their ability to quickly adapt to a new home. The Illuzionist Militia was last located within the New California Republic. The Illuzionist Militia was also known for their violent nature, having being involved in numerous conflicts. Most IIluzionist Militants have left and joined the New California Republic.

Formation Edit

Illuzionist, along with "brother" josephgore2 were soldiers a part of the Shwon Armed Forces. They were involved during the Siege of Avanon. After Shwon forces gained control of the region and fighting died down, Illuzionist and brother josephgore2 left to form a new nation and army. Though Illuzionist's nations were destroyed or conquered numerous times, his army has relocated into a different nation, and therefore most wars involving illuzionist reference "The Illuzionist Militia" compared to the individual nations.

Conflicts Edit

The Illuzional War Edit

The Illuzional War was the longest lasting armed military conflict on the server. With an estimated duration of around 3 months, aside from shaky ceasefires and treaties that halted fighting for a small period of time. Starting around early August 2014, and ending in early October 2014. The Illuzional War was fought over regional and server control. The belligerents were, at one or more periods of time; Vekta, RussiaUnited, Shwon and G. The war is now over with a Vekta/RU/G/Shwon victory.

Post-Illuzional War conflicts Edit

There have been numerous other small conflicts after the Illuzional War

War of Karthago Edit

Current Status Edit

As of 1/7/2015 iilluzionist has created the nation iillusionists_Legion with the capital being Mirage and immediately allied The_Templars after stating that he would start recruitment again. Governing The_Templars are 3 kings, joesephgore2, jacop34, and 582jackson. joesephgore2 was previously iilluzionist's right hand man in the last band of the iilluzionist's militia. Under joesephgore's rule The_Templars have been peaceful, but conspiracies have started that The_Templars are only waiting until iilluzionist takes control.