Imperia History Edit

Imperia was created when cq0917 abandoned his old town, Taleran, due to the Gaffy00 Militia having an outpost just outside the walls. So cq went off and founded Kadavo which became the capitol of Imperia. Imperia gained international attention after defending against Gallia at the Siege of Almore .

Imperia eventually decided to merge with Trade-Federation and thus no longer exists. Kadavo, the capital of once appreciable nation of Imperia, fell into Gallian hands in later months.

Towns Edit

Kadavo population: Previously 12+

EV-Population: 1

Desteria-Population: 1

Savages - Once part of Imperia, but no longer exists after USSR, Vekta & NCR retaliated against threats.

Wars Edit

Imperia was involved in minor battles such as victorious The Battle For Turbo and the sad Siege of Venice; only the capital city of Kadavo took part in such conflicts. Imperia also played an extremely vital role against Gallia in the Defense of Almore, where Gallia was 'defeated' the first time.

Especially after the battle at Almore, Imperia found itself on horrid terms with Gallia, and Kadavo was eventually attacked & conquered by Gallian forces.

Military Edit

"Very soon, Imperia will be forming a town completely dedicated to the art of war; similarly to the Spartans. I, hazzie100, have decided to take leave from Kadavo for a short while to create this militaristic town. This town will become the bulk of the future military of Imperia. Including a War Mongering leader. Once I found the town I will stay for a short while to create housing and then shall pass the Leadership of the town over to one of my closest friends IRL." - shonugh in early 2015. This plan, in the end, failed.


Imperia was a growing trade empire. The group that heads all trade in and out of Imperia was "Imperia Industries." Edit