- A Biased Perspective -

The recent Gallian Conflict is said to one of the largest wars on the server to date.  It was an emotional war involving many players, towns and nations on the server.  As it’s been pointed out many times, it’s a “War” server after-all.  However, any time a single nation holds a strong hold on power and threatens smaller and newer nations and seeks actively to attack and destroy those perceived as “weak”, there is bound to be an uprising.  I believe for Civilization Wars to work effectively there have to be wars, but also civilization and a balance of power.  We come on the server to build towns and nations and alliances and friendships.   The server is not a war server alone, but much richer than that, in the amazing cities and towns that are built and the intricate and complex fabric of our ties.  We become emotionally attached to what we have built, and are loyal to those who have helped us.  This current war was neither right nor wrong, it was simply a rebalancing of power on the server and helped represent the small among us who could not defend against Gallia alone.  Perhaps there will be peace for a while, but war will come again.  It always does…..