Jonah was a nation that was founded on October 3rd, 2015. The capital of Jonah was the only town, Xythe. Jonah was founded by iGreeb, Erunno, Zachisosum and Schnitzengruber (vetterman) after searching for 3 days for an ideal spot for Xythe. Jonah was founded in the ideals of isolationism and neutralism, though such did not persist throughout its lifetime. The national anthem was officially "Uptown Puffs" by AshCoolBro on youtube ( The only conflict Jonah that participated in was The Fourth Punic War. Jonah was disbanded on March 12th 2016, when it merged with the nation of Arkstal. This was due to financial problems and Jonah not being worth all the money it was consuming.

Xythe Gazebo

The Gazebo in Xythe, the capital of Jonah.

Government Edit

The president of Jonah and mayor of Xythe held supreme power, although there were rules about the mayor of Xythe. Everyone in Xythe knows each other, so governing a nation in such a way was made possible.