General Information Edit

Kiksuya is a small nation led by Draliri and Meloye. The capital, Sayela, is a metropolitan area including former Tioga, Pelagir, and Losya.

The nation is considered a middle power due to its wealth but also its large history of military losses from various skirmishes with Nexus. Kiksuyi citizens are mostly neutral merchants and builders, so Kiksuya lacks a strong and united fighting force.

Cities and Towns Edit

Sayela Edit

Sayela is the capital of Kiksuya and is home to 10 residents. The city has a decent industrial and agricultural infrastructure, as well as several city centers. There are multiple "main" locations of the city, as Sayela was formed by three separate towns merging.

Thelya Edit

Thelya is a small city led by Galaxly. Its main location is next to Defiance, the capital of Drastian Nexus. It is known for its charming, elaborate architecture.

Infernum Edit

Infernum is a hamlet led by Zero___, a senior player on the server. It is small in size, but is one of the older towns in Kiksuya.

History Edit

Kiksuya was founded on the server's opening day by Meloye. Small and insignificant, the nation was a weak continuation of the mighty Corsica-Florence from the previous map. After receiving threats from Nexus, Kiksuya became an autonomous state within the Papacy. However, after the Papacy engaged in aggressive foreign policy against Bellum, a number of irritated citizens left. Out of Papacy, Ahea, Meloye, Pelleaon, and Draliri reformed Kiksuya, which was now a mid level power. However, Ahea soon left power due to a busy life, leaving power to Meloye, who instated Draliri as his number two.

Following a period of peace, Kiksuya engaged in the Battle of Vita (see Conflict) on September 8th, 2018. The attack was repelled by a Nexus peacekeeping force. Soon after, Nexus demolished the Papacy and demanded that Kiksuya submit as well.

Kiksuya agreed to become a vassal state, known as Nexus-Kiksuya. For the next two weeks, Kiksuya plotted to break away and become free once again. Kiksuya notoriously boycotted the Nexus parliament. On September 23rd, 2018, Kiksuya rebelled against Nexus. Along with their allies Papacy and Primal, they attack Nexus forces on an icy river. Known as the Figure 8, the battle ended horribly for the rebels. Notably, Bleeep and ss6do of Kiksuya held out in the battle until they ran out of healing supplies. The following day, Kiksuya posted a surrender on the forums.

After a brief union with the nation of Nordsveldet, Kiksuya was once again reformed by Meloye after the declaration of Drastia. The nation is now much smaller, and includes three towns.

Conflict Edit

Grinder Skirmish Edit

On September 2, 2018, alshex286 flagged a blaze grinder owned by Tioga. What followed was a short battle in which alshex's forces were driven back by NexusV2 and Hydra.

Battle of Vita Edit

On September 8, 2018, Kiksuya declared war on Vita over their claims next to Tioga. Under Meloye's command, Kiksuyi forces initially made progress, but were pushed back by an irritated Moosebobby. All Kiksuyi troops except Meloye died. Later, Meloye returned and killed DemonOfRazgriz, but was then killed by Moosebobby. The two nations then came to peace, agreeing to establish a no man's land between the cities.

Great Rebellion Edit

On the 23rd of September, exactly two weeks after the subjugation, Kiksuya and the Papacy rebelled and united to form the Great Rebellion, a force to rid the server of Nexus control. The Battle 'Figure 8' ended in a failure, as the Rebellion quickly lost a 9v3.

On the 24th, Draliri submitted a request for peace. A few days later, Kiksuya achieved peace.