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Basic Information and History Edit

Leadric (of the nation of Vekta), an impressive port city that resided on the coast of a significantly large spruce forest, was founded by the lone TheSirWilliam. After the building of it's magnificent yet medium-sized walls and the port, TheSirWilliam recruited the new player HappyHelper1 on the same day as he joined. The two began to clear the extensive spruce trees to start construction on the future medieval town.

Eventually, the ancient trees were cleared and the roads were laid out upon the grassy hill. Skilled and detailed watchtowers rose from the walls; which brought fame to Leadric. A courtyard was made and a bar - The Bartering Bard's Tavern - for exhausted travelers and merchants, was created. More towers arose and a great farm was formed, and in time Leadric grew in prominence and in people. There was also an explosion of resources, and other enormous creations were added for the "famed" town.

HappyHelper1, the main builder of the city, wished for Vekta to become as powerful as it ever had been. And with this determination built both a training center and large gold farm in the name of Vekta. Happy also broke into the End, which was once hogged and strictly controlled by the nation of Government and set up outposts there. By doing so, a small yet short-lived "Cold War" began between Vekta and G - although President BANANApeel65 was not at all interested in making a glorious Vekta.

While this all occurred, Leadric continued to grow; the foundation for an immense mansion and church was laid, but in jealousy and quite pathetic rage HappyHelper1 gave up on Vekta's "ignorance" and left the server for a while.

Soon after he left, Leadric endured G's Order 66 and eventually, TheSirWilliam left as he couldn't continue Leadric without HappyHelper1, and Leadric fell to ruin. The training center and gold farm was soon claimed by newer nations such as Republica, and the town of Leadric was left alone for many months.

Current Status Edit

Today, Leadric remains a historical site administered by Vekta. Many tourists come from all over the server to see what was once a prosperous town.