Basic Information & Description Edit

Vital statistics
Type Militaristic
Level 8
Location Rouge_Island (Capital)
Inhabitants 20+

Legion was a broad and powerful nation established and governed by jacop34 of the city of Rouge_Island, and was thus far known as the remnants of the preeminent Gallia. At the height of it's power, it had grown to hold a handful of strong cities and continued to hold perhaps the largest army at its time. In addition and most presently, Legion was at war with the late Alettic (Soccerwarrior27) as well as the people of restored Shwon . There is no evidence of who was the winner of this war.

History Edit

After ashtonx777 was banned, Gallia forthwith dissipated (although the nation and capital continues to stand in honor), most of which joined with jacop34 to form the dominion of Legion. Alettic however, still vying for his revenge against the late Gallian Empire, sought to destroy the last of Gallia and declared war upon Legion. Before long, Shwon also joined into the war. In this way, the War of Legion (or in retrospect; the War of Donzula) began.

War of Legion Edit

Immediately after Alettic took it upon himself to declare war against Legion, he attacked and nearly conquered the city of Windhelm (now Dawnstar) of dty2001, and numerous fighting broke out. However, many losses were common on the side of Legion fighting still continues.

Subsequently, Legion forces marched onto Donzula, the capital of Shwon, and invaded. Shwon troops were not able to completely hold them off and much of the city was lost until Alettic logged on and drove out the attackers from the city. Nonetheless Donzula has been the source of almost all battles and both nations are at a standstill as the death and casualty toll escalate.

Municipalities Edit

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