Before Mardrom Anglar Edit

Before Mardrom Anglar was created, their leader, BeyonceGKnowles, sent apple2502 and Giantslayer661 to assassinate the leader of one of the server's most powerful nations. They succeeded in their mission and killed talltitanicc, twice. In the end, tall's forces kill the assassins.

Beyonce then joined the server, but speculations were high. She posed as a stripper to get easy money to make a town. She danced for FernuxKing. Before the dance ended, he tried to kill her with his enchanted diamond sword, but her swift assassin skills helped her kill him with only a stone sword.

The Founding of Mardrom Anglar Edit

Mardrom Anglar (Nightmare Angles in Swedish) was founded by BeyonceGKnowles on November 15th, 2015. Mardrom Anglar became a nation on November 16th, 2015. The city was settled deep underground. Beyonce quickly established law and order to her new nation and was the supreme Queen. Her loyal residents would rather die with all of their jewels in a pit of lava than see one hair on her head harmed.

The city was made as one long road, houses built into the wall on both sides, and in the middle of the roads there are farms. The location is great for protecting against enemies and monsters.

Mardrom Anglar Military Edit

The Military of Mardrom Anglar is separated into five regiments; The Scout, Breech, Barricade, Royal Guard, and the Queen's Regiment.

The Scout Regiment Edit

The Scout Regiment's main purpose is to stalk the enemy city. They stay hidden on the outskirts of town and occasionally fire arrows at the city to scare them at the Queen's command. The Scouts also set up traps outside of the cities to kill the citizens.

The Breech Regiment Edit

The Breech regiment's duty is to take over the city. They are only used to take over cities or fight armies. They are skilled swordsmen and archers who can take down any foe.

The Barricade Regiment Edit

The Barricade Regiment are the defense of the city. They are stationed in cities and towns of the empire and defend them with their lives. Not as skilled as the Breech but come close to it.

The Royal Guard Edit

The Royal Guard's main purpose is to protect the Queen with their lives. They are the most skilled fighters in the Nation.

The Queen's Regiment Edit

The Queen's Regiment is a secret regiment that no one knows what happens in it or who's in it.