Cuckbobby, a Gay in his right, one who ravaged the land for over two long years. One who was known as the cannon master, One who died to more noobs than any before. One known for his ways of Gru Porn and trickery. A slippery dong he was. Joining back in May of 2015 he joined Radius32 and quickly fell in love with civwars. At this time CuckMoose was a young cuckold man, free of any of the civwars toxicity he has now. All he wanted to do was raise his peaceful sheep and collect wool. Now as our story progress much of his early civwars history is lost but we know that he was friendly with teenycorgi when he first joined. Fast forwards a few months, Due to inactivity we presume he was kicked by taxes out of Radius32 causing him to look for a new town since JeffDaBaws had quit. xxxHunterxxx quickly recruited him to United-Jungles. CuckMoose was thrilled; one account saying that he saw the CuckMoose walking down UJ streets, a massive dong on his face. He bought a plot in UJ and quickly set up a wheat farm and began digging a massive underground sheep farm to raise more loving sheep. Now CuckMoose had worked very hard on his new sheep and wheat farm. Now once he was done he happily ran to show Hunter his progress only to be met with "Tear it down, it doesn’t meet UJ building standards". CuckMoose was devastated, all his hard work, told to remove it all. Cuck Moose wasn't having it. (Note: at this part we think that the first seeds of chaos were planted in CuckMoose's head.) CuckMoose was enraged and quickly, using the wool from his dear sheep, built a massive pink wool pig on his plot and proceeded to the cannon the houses around him and logged off. He was kicked from the town and banned for a bit, the plot being rolled back. Again, another gap of recorded history of CuckMoose. Around September though he resurfaces, This Moose is nothing like the one of before, gone is the sheep loving peaceful guy in his place is a highly aggressive warmonger.  He proceeded to kill taco_man100 starting a war with him and compleks. Now Moose also declared war on APboss123, declaring him as his “arch enemy”. Now one day compleks and tacoman launched a series of assaults on all of CuckMoose’s bases, he lost everything. In a desperate gambit he surrendered to them and they accepted, returning nothing though. Now with his focus on Apboss he uses his friend to get into Apboss and proceeded to flag the entire town illegally. Cool of course wasn’t happy and rolled back the town.

Also, CuckBobby is shit at writing comprehensive English sentences. Perhaps he should have paid attention during lecture, that derranged simpleton.