Here will be explained the current standing and history of the newly formed Nation of Viceria.

Main InformationEdit

Viceria is a New nation that was started by xDraconian and Blockbuilder0927 & Coolkidluis (he was in the shadows). Viceria started as a nation with an ogliarchy but in a week switched to a Republic type of Government.

Cities and National PolicyEdit

Viceria's Capital is Vicerapolis. The other town in the nation is The Township of InfernoImperius which Blockbuilder0927 & Coolkidluis are mayor of. Viceria continues to try to recruit more towns. Viceria has two consuls which are xDraconian and Blockbuilder0927 (Coolkidluis). A Senate is being assembled and a house of representatives is also being assembled. Viceria is strives for peace and helpful relations with other nations. Viceria will still retaliate is someone is enemied with them. Trading is welcome in Viceria. Viceria has not been in any open wars but an incident involving blockbuilder0927 taking an outpost of a nation that wil not be named here did happen recently because of that nation being enemied. Coolkidluis is the military leader & plans all the attacks.