Description Edit

New Kadavo
Vital statistics
Type Trading
Level 1
Location Valley of Kadavo
Inhabitants 2

New Kadavo is a small town that was previously led by The_Chubby_Koala, and Co-Mayor Hazzie_. Sadly, Chubby has taken a long leave of absence from the server, and in his place, Hazzie_ leads solely. The town itself consists of a few structures at the current time and is home to very few active players. The town has been nicknamed, "The Land of Red Sheep", for its large amount of red colored sheep. The town is open for members looking for a place to build peacefully, as well as people seeking refuge from bandits and tyrants.

History Edit

New_Kadavo was founded in January, 2016 after The_Chubby_Koala returned from a vacation from the server. It's predecessor, Kadavo, was part of the nation of Trade_Federation, led by ZeR0Legend. Old Kadavo was part of the Gallian War, and was perhaps one of the only towns to oppose Gallia, in its grab for power. New_Kadavo has seen no war, as it is mostly a place for trade and commerce.

Population Edit

The current population of New_Kadavo is 4 players.

Sadly most of the town is inactive, due to unforeseen events.

Trade Edit

New_Kadavo is open to trading with any nations allied with Terminus_States. The town will soon begin importing food and other resources. The town marketplace will soon open aswell, allowing citizens of New_Kadavo to trade among themselves.

Religion Edit

New_Kadavo is the official place where the rebirth of the religion, Nokiism , occurred. There is currently a monastery atop a mountain that overlooks the city. Thus, New_Kadavo is now a holy land of the religion. The Monastery is open for Weddings, as well as worship, as it is a holy place of Noki.

Alignment Edit

The town of New_Kadavo hopes to soon join the nation of G, which is one of the few solely Neutral nations. There are talks underway which will reveal the fate of New_Kadavo's alignment.