History Edit

The Numer system was established on 1/8/2015 by players Lionfirebow and HappyHelper1 to be used in their nation, Oasis.

Nations using the Numer System Edit

Oasis (Adopted 1/8/2015) Edit

Imperia (Adopted 1/16/2015)

Description Edit

The Numer (short for numerical) ranking system uses roman numerals to quickly distinguish a player's rank or status, no matter what nation they are in. The Numer system uses the roman numerals I-VII with the highest ranking people having the rank of VII.

Ranks and Descriptions Edit

VII Edit

This rank is only for the highest members of ruling government, often used by the founders of a nation, their families, and current leaders of government. (This rank cannot be regularly achieved)

VI Edit

This rank is for other leaders in government. (This rank is available to ranks V and IV)

V Edit

This rank is for players that have done extraordinary acts that support their nation. (This rank is available to IV, V, and VI)

IV Edit

This rank is for normal citizens (Start rank)

III Edit

This rank is for citizens with one misdemeanor. Misdemeanors can be issued by the town, nation or assembly. The amount depends on the severity of the act, past actions, and the level of government deciding. Assembly gatherings for a criminal offence are often for severe acts against global or national law, and therefore, more misdemeanors are issued than nation or town gatherings. If a player has 3 misdemeanors at one time removed from the town or nation, if they are given 4, they are exiled from the town or nation, if they are given 5, they are exiled from any Numer-adopting nation.

II Edit

This is the last straw for a citizen, if one more misdemeanor is issued, they are punished based on the misdemeanor amount.

I Edit

This is for special cases, such as refugees or temporary allies.