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Oasis was a strictly peaceful nation, its capital being Xohya. The emperor, lionfirebow, created Oasis on the basis of peace, economy power, and international order. Oasis had not participated in any wars or skirmishes, and is most known for leading the first functional international meeting devoid of murder, as well as its enormous flying plot city. The nation and capital fell into ruin after lionfirebow went inactive.

History Edit

On Dec. 29th lionfirebow (at the time residing in Spectra, UN, as an assisstant to Powerninja2000. who is now Death2Defy) stated "After I gain control of Spectra, I will join the Templars," but after iilluzion's Legion and The Templars allied and started to support each other on Jan. 3rd, Lionfirebow responded with Oasis, founded Jan. 8th, with a strict peace policy. While she also conspired with HappyHelper1 (Galaxly) to bring down Templars (which in turn led to the birth of Gallia).

Government Edit

Oasis had established and used the Numer ranking system along with the local government system. There was one emperor and 9 advisers. The advisers take problems and laws from their towns and discuss them before the emperor, the emperor then decides on the issue and the advisers then enforces the decision.

Emperor List Edit

Lionfirebow (1/8/2015 to the Fall of Oasis)

Towns Edit


Population: 4+

Gondolin Edit

Population: 9+

Spectra Edit

Population: 10+

All cities fell except Spectra, which is today led by Death2Defy.