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Old Teruel
2015-12-15 20.24.11
Vital statistics
Type Abandoned
Location Valley of Aragon
Inhabitants 13+

Old Teruel is a large, abandoned city formerly led by tacocat1441, and was composed of numerous aspiring builders. It is known for its grand architecture and most especially its immense size. Unfortunately, even as it was making itself known to the world, it was conquered and the great city was left unfinished.

History Edit

Teruel was founded in two previous areas during the summer of 2015 but was forced to move both times due to invaders. Its third location, next to the ruins of another city, was also attacked, until Teruel was brought into the nation of Vekta. Under their protection, Teruel quickly became known for its wonderful architecture and grand towers that reached high into the sky.

Eventually, tacocat1441 formed the nation of Aragon and left Vekta, which had come under the rule of the Draconian Dynasty. A civil war started, with participants including xDraconian from Vekta vs. tacocat1441 and a few Aragonese soldiers. xDraconian attempted to invade the city and was shot off a mountain by a bow. The failed invasion was followed by a brief invasion of Vekta by Aragon until xDraconian resigned and Aragon claimed full independence.

Later in the year, Aragon was repeatedly attacked by the nation of Enlightened. The soldiers of Enlightened were known as bandits who struck by surprise and walked away with loot. Eventually both nations fell inactive, therefore ending the conflict.

Fall of Teruel Edit

Battle Edit

Ruins of Teruel

Ruins of Teruel

The Library

The Library

After a period of inactivity, its residents returned to build the city further. While completing the massive walls surrounding the city, Teruel was suddenly and unexpectedly attacked by Thilwohr. They had used a cannon to blow a hole in the walls, and quickly flooded in. They vastly outnumbered the Teruelians and had far superior weapons and armor, so the defenders of Teruel were initially massacred and were forced to retreat to their half-demolished former chest building. Despite the building being abandoned, many of the chests had not been moved to the new storage building, so the defenders used the materials to patch the holes in the building and make supplies for the battle. Most of the invading armies were busy conquering the central city, allowing the Teruel soldiers to occasionally pick off stray invaders and add their armor to the chests. They used tactics such as knocking enemies off of towers, trapping them, and using potions to try to defend the city at all costs, but it eventually proved to be futile. The Thilwohr invaders captured the center of the city, effectively ending the battle and forcing the residents of Teruel to surrender their beloved city.

Aftermath Edit

It was later discovered that Thilwohr's invasion was due to a misunderstanding and that Teruel had done nothing to provoke the attack. Nevertheless, its citizens had already moved on and begun preparing to rebuild in a distant location. The city remains deserted and unfinished.