The Reign Massacre was a massacre and raid performed on the 17th of June, 2016.

In the early afternoon of June 17th, Dreadmore, Greasey, Cancuh, s0ux and an unnamed player went into Reign and attacked the city, Dreadmore kidnapped teeny's personal horse, and killed multiple other animals including dogs. The unnamed player bombed an iron farm within Reign, and Cancuh and Greasey slaughtered Teenycorgi. Teenycorgi of Reign was shocked along with the rest of the server due to Reign's peaceful, friendly foreign policy, along with most other neutral nations.

The first wave of attacks caught the attention of many pro G allies. The next attack was met with resistance. DuhBuzz and Fantazmo_Azmo defended Reign. Fanta logged off which left the defense to Duhbuzz. The fight was at an eerie stalemate until Dreadmore tried to kill DuhBuzz by glitching through a glass pane. DuhBuzz was victorious in the battle and was then killed in a lopsided fight with Arkstal's best PvPers. Dreadmore was then soon after banned for an unrelated offense.

The attacks sparked server-wide outrage from neutral nations and neutral-supporters. Reign is left in a state of fear of future attacks.

Legacy Edit

teenycorgi tightened security around her castle, and spread her animals over a couple of Reign's outposts. Byzantium, fearful of being attacked after the massacre, increased security in Alvarna and towns across the nation. Draliri of Sforza built a monument in memory of the massacre. Capitolium (G) built a wall around itself and reinforces defenses around the city. The massacre was considered part of anti-neutral protests across the server, which worried Byzantium. Florence, remarkably, didn't respond and later officially denounced anti-neutral sentiment as "pathetic" and "devoid of all logic".


Reign Massacre Memorial, Sforza.