Officially- The Sovereign State of Republica, or The Republic-Monarch of Civilization Wars, is a nation founded in November 2014. This was once a striving nation created by Hon. King Reelgator, before falling into ruin in early 2015. It was eventually reestablished, but fell once again in months.


Republica had one town; Britannia. This town held low infrastructure due to the lack of effort put into the town and due to the rocky landscape. Britannia had a total of 5 buildings that have a complete exterior and 1 building in the process.


Republica has an abundance of war history including:

  • War on USSR (ally with NCR and Divercia but not an attacker)
  • Siege of NSGWP (See Here)
  • Psychedelic Wars*

  *In this war Republica served as a town mother so that the Leauge of Nations could attack the town of Praven and Republic City (Republic City was created AFTER the fall of Praven by the same people).

On December 23rd, 2014, King Reelgator made this declaration "The nation of Republica is falling financially and physically. In order for Republica to become the great nation it should be, we are backing out of any international conflict." Of course, that could not be so easily avoided.

  • Templars & Gallia*

*Republica became a powerful influence upon the empire of Templars, introducing a number of policies and propositions to improve the lives of many. However, he gained far more international attention after Gallia invaded a Republica outpost at the request of HappyHelper1. This outpost, in reality, was a gold farm created by Happy in early 2014, but claimed by Republica after the fall of Leadric. Thus, after King reelgator refused to return it, Gallia invaded.

This escalated into a conflict between Templars, a very close ally of Republica, and Gallia. Gallia was defeated in a battle at their sea fort by Templarian forces, and secretly retreated behind the very walls of Gondolin to grow in strength. Although both Republica & Templars won the battle, Gallia is considered to have won the war after rising to power in the ruins of a divided Templars.

Republica steered clear from Gallia for several weeks until the gold farm was retaken by Gallian forces.