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Resdayn is a very small town on a river in a mountain biome. Across the river is a jungle and a taiga forest.

Founding Edit

Vetterman founded Resdayn on January 3rd, 2015. He set off east of Edessa (Capital of Delucia) to find another suitable location for another town of Delucia, the nation of which he was part. After a harsh misunderstanding was established between Delucia and Vetterman, and due to feeling "vulnerable", Vetterman left Delucia and joined the nation of The Templars. The Templars declared a defensive pact over Resdayn if it were to be attacked.

Surroundings Edit

To the north of Resdayn lies a sea. Across this sea is a large "glitch land", a place in which the terrain is suddenly cut off. To the south lies a few hills and a taiga lake. South of the lake is a dark forest biome, and to the west is the sea. The only side that's not protected by the inner-wall, the east, is largely taiga and jungle biome.

Battles Edit

Gaffy00's Pillaging Edit

On February 18th, wolfhound24 let Gaffy00, iiluzionist, and Brandon into Resdayn where it was attacked. The Gallian war left Resdayn demolished, where it is assumed to no longer be a town.