This article is a story written by BmanOg. More in-depth/accurate information can be found here, on the history of Vekta.


"A lot of people don't know who Russian flames is; therefore I'm here to tell you :). Russianflames was the Lord of the massive empire of Russia. He seized power of Vekta quickly after one of the most famous events that occurred, the Siege of Avanon. This peculiar war ended in a peace treaty between the two warring nations, and they have been allies ever since. This also led to the merge of Avanon and Russia (Vekta). Afterward, Russianflames began recuiting many people to add to his empire. The number of towns doubled in weeks: one such town was my very own, BmanOg. Both myself and him built a stunning nation capital that struck awe in quite the amount of people.

At such a high point in power, it seemed a unstoppable nation, that is, until iilluzionist rose up from the shadows. Eventually, the forces of iilluzionist's great army seized perhaps the largest city in Russa, Dawnstar. The iilluzional war was fought between Russia, and eventually Dawnstar was liberated. Soon, RussianFlames was ousted from power and vanished from the server. BANANApeel65 then renamed the nation to Vekta, and the nation returned to its previous state.

Anyway, I hope you learned something new! Written by: BmanOg, edited and fixed by coolsurdy."

~BManOg (and coolsurdy)