Sayings Edit

  • You're being a tall = Having made like 50 towns and all of them falling #RipRoma
  • Pulling a King = Giving dating advice that only works for you.
  • "nurd" = rather taboo insult, as the initial use of it led to the Alvarna Massacre
  • "Don't be such a Gallian" = insult against either violent or relatively aggressive players
  • "Elements is not an empire" = although a very specified insult, it is simple mockery used on those in Elements (as it is named the Elements_Empire, and many consider it not to be)
  • Army of alts (wolfhound24 uses alts all the time in war)

General Definitions Edit

  • Vitamin J = A curative agent
  • FuckG = movement began in mid-2015 criticizing the policies and actions of the nation of Government, or more specifically that of the United-Jungles. Often goes into the form of protests that end in death or exile, and echoed by many players as a taunt or derision.
  • jfc = although it is widely known as "jesus fucking christ," it is ridiculed by those in Elements, specifically that of Juxtaposition, as a "John F. Kennedy with a c."
  • Cancuh/Cancuhwiss = Often used to ridicule or poke fun at XSphinxHDX's failure to pronounce some words correctly. (Also a name of a specific player)
  • wekt = Another word often used to ridicule XSphinxHDX
  • flag = Warflag; or to initiate a battle over a specific plot. (Also shorthand for TheFlagCourier [user])
  • tspek = Teamspeak; aka: Arkstal Public Radio

Military Definitions Edit

  • Warlord: A term used sparingly for a select number of notorious individuals who successfully led Imperial ambitions (ex: Alettic, Dreadmore, Gaffy00)
  • Warmonger: Usually used as an insult for dangerous and aggressive individuals constantly seeking battle (ex: Moosebobby, Gathereon, Bpixer)
  • Bandit: Marauders, normally acting in small groups and rarely do wars but rather raids (Ex: s0ux)
  • Clan: Normally held under a nation, a clan are usually groups of players who also play outside the server together (ex: TRE, Argos, Arkstal)
  • Superpower: The reigning nation of the server that holds such strength it is relatively unchallengeable in war
  • Siege: Defined as an attempt to capture a town that takes longer than ~30 mins
  • Battle: Any conflict; a town invasion lasting less than ~30 mins