The Siege of Avanon was a battle that took place on July 28, 2014. The battle lasted roughly 1 hour, resulting in a Shwon victory. The belligerents were; Avanon, Russia, and IGE vs Shwon. Shwon was fighting for regional control of the area. Shwon Forces marched from Donzula, Shwon's capital, to Isengard, the capital of Avanon. Shwon quickly seized control of Isengard, and then took control of Dawnstar, and SexyRaiderz, nearby Avanon towns. After the battle, Shwon had regional control of the area. Avanon collapsed, and GondorGuard12, the leader of Avanon, fled after his town was taken. Dawnstar joined Vekta (soon to be merged with RussianFlame's new nation, RussiaUnited), and SexyRaiderz established SexyFaces as a nation.

Battle Description Edit

The battle was recorded on video, and can be seen here