Siege of Venice Edit

The Siege of Venice was a small battle occurring in an ancient city once known as Venice, yet controlled by the city of Adelaide. Gallia, a growing nation that none dared to cross, made a shocking move by invading old Venice. An army of six men marched into the snow, taking most of their time warflagging the outskirts. After Gallia skirmished a number of Adelaide's outposts, they alerted the leader of NCR (New California Republic), jacop34, Adelaide citizen AwesomeBro, and several others from the small town of Manabozho and the city of Kadavo to gather at the abandoned city.

Siege of Vienna
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Vital statistics
Type Siege Battle
Level Unknown
Location Old Venice
Inhabitants Adelaide, NCR & Allies vs. Gallia

Day 1 Edit

The sun sets; and day transitions to night as an army of six from the capital of Gallia, Bruhl, warflags the outer most part of the old Venice. Adelaide quickly gathers forces to prevent them from marching forward. However, no attempts were made after all, and Gallia marched ever closer with every minute that passed through the night.

Day 2 Edit

Not long before the sun rises, multitudes of flaming arrows are launched upon the city. Despite the damage done upon the defenders, no losses come about. Unfortunately for the defenders, a way inside was discovered by one of those observing the battle: by making a great leap from a hill and onto shortest portion of the wall. In minutes the city was overrun with the offensive, and the defenders were slaughtered one by one. Many fled onto the rooftops or into the hills. Blood was spilled, but the battle was not over yet.

2015-01-19 16.26.08

A lone horse searching for it's slain rider...

Day 3 Edit

As many of Adelaide's citizens and allies were doubtful in regaining the city, the little known McVichingo (today known as one of the most legendary warriors of the server) resisted as Gallia continued to warflag the outskirts of the city to finish the job. Vichingo destroyed such flags numerous times before being killed himself. The wall was quickly destroyed and the city looted, even as defenders attempted to stop them.

2015-01-19 16.32.08

One of the final flags before the breaching of the wall.

The city of Bruhl was no longer any mere city to be looked down upon. This battle marked the rise of Gallia's power and decline in Adelaide's golden age. Nevertheless, this would lead to many nations to band together and fight Gallia.