Basic Information & Description Edit

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Vital statistics
Type Militaristic
Level 8
Location Dark Forest of Korriban
Inhabitants 7+

The Sith_Empire was a counterpart of the Galactic_Republic, and is led by Galaxly. The nation was composed of the city of Greenport, and the capital: Korriban. Although the nation was short-lived, it became known as a force to be reckoned with. The empire was involved in a brief conflict against the Mandalorians and the Republic, ending in a favorable victory for the Sith. After this war was over, the capital Korriban was disbanded.

History Edit

The Sith Empire was created after the sudden rise of the Galactic Republic, with the capital being Korriban. Galaxly, the Lord over the nation, decided to settle deep within a dark forest and further underground to avoid detection.

War suddenly sparked between the two great nations after the formation of the Rebel Alliance (Shwon, Hoth & SE), where numerous skirmishes were fought from town to town, most ending in a favorable result for the Alliance. The Galactic_Republic, desiring peace, kicked the city of Nightfall (Deets) and a treaty was created. Spain, an ally of the Republic, also made peace. With this, Korriban was disbanded.