Spectra is the Capital of United Nations, and is Governed by President Powerninja2000, badbusinessman, and lionfireow. It consists of 12 residents and owns 511 town blocks with a population density of 42.3 town blocks per person. It is made up of 3 levels, level one consists of many buildings including downtown, and lots of player houses. Level two is above level one, but it is home to lionfirebow's mansion, Thegamerxboy's mansion, The hospital and the base of badbusinessman's 2nd tower. Level three is G's main military base, but it is still considered as Spectra because that is where Powerninja2000 gathered supplied and built the rest of city. Downtown consists of The capitol building, The Spectra Residential Tower (SRT), The Spectra Commercial Tower (SCT), The national park, The great flag, and a Lava gate for easy access to outside the city.

History Edit

Spectra was originally founded by Powerninja2000. Eventually he decided to join G and give Spectra to G. President Coolsurdy of G made it an outpost under command of the UJ Army. Spectra was renamed to Camp Spectra, and was the main foreign military base of G. Powerninja2000 then asked Coolsurdy for Spectra back because he wanted to continue his town. G ceded Camp Spectra to Powerninja2000 under a Compact of Free Association, meaning that G was allowed to keep its military base. G's military base is now on Level 3 of Spectra. G pledged to defend Spectra in an attack, unless Spectra provoked the attack.

  • The United Nations' capitol building, also Spectra's town spawn
  • A shot of the SRT (Left) and the SCT (Right) in the fading light
  • A view of the towers from a distance