Basic Information Edit

Teruel is a large floating city built above a small, remote island in the ocean. Formerly the capital of the nation of Aragon, it is currently a member of Arkstal.

History Edit

Origins of Teruel Edit

Teruel was originally founded in July of 2015. The first settlement, which allowed outsiders to join, was quickly destroyed by raiders. Teruel then became closed and moved elsewhere, only to be invaded again due to its association with a bandit named xLynne. Having acquired a bad reputation, Teruel's third location, a flattened area next to an abandoned town formerly owned by Nekron_Wolf, was invaded again, but the residents were saved by an invitation to the nation of Vekta. Under Vekta's protection, Teruel became a prosperous city and eventually split off to form their own nation, named Aragon.

Current City Edit

The current city of Teruel was founded in January 2016, shortly after the fall of Old Teruel. It began as an outpost on a small island from which the residents regathered supplies, with some help from Galaxly, who briefly joined the city. A massive island was built in the sky on which the city would be built to keep it safe from invasion. The city is currently under construction.

During the construction, Teruel disbanded their nation of Aragon and joined Arkstal, ensuring they could continue construction of the city in peace.